Our New Apartment

Hello readers! We have been in the states for about four weeks now and I finally had a chance to do a little blogging.

Here are a few pictures that I snapped quickly of our new apartment before we left. I will show you a few rooms today but have to finish the tour later because I don’t have good pics of some rooms.

This is E’s room.


T’s room:


And our crazy big (for this country) kitchen!


I even have room for a table!


Check back the next few days for more posts!

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Moving and countdown

Here is the countdown in case anyone is wondering!

Countdown Clocks

Well we are moved in!
On Tuesday, the move went great! The movers did a good job and now we just have to put everything away!
I’ll write more later and show some pictures, but for now we are all tired and off to bed, and it’s not even 8:30pm!

The moving company’s name means “God gave”!

And a baby picture just for fun!

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My view



T is working on sitting up unassisted. Until he does, this is often my view. I remember when E would sit on blankets and play with toys, before she was mobile. That is a really fun age to me. Here is E at that age (8 months- April 2011)!




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Kids are funny

Me (said to E who was taking a long time in the bathroom): What are you doing?
E: Oh I was just counting my fingers.
Me: Do you still have 10?
E: No. 11. I was counting and I got to ten and then had one more finger and that was 11.

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My silly kids

IMG_5219 IMG_5218 IMG_5216

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Mr. Cutie Patootie


Hey, momma. You gonna take my picture? I am not that good at sitting up yet. I hope I don’t fall over on my face. I’ll use my elbow to prop myself up. Is it okay if my bunny is in the picture?


Hey look. The chair looks clean over there. I don’t think I have spit up on it yet. I think I’ll do that now.

<There is no picture of him spitting up massively in the direction he is looking. Or of me cleaning it up.>


Hahahahahahahaha! Wasn’t that hilarious, momma?

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We like to read around here.


Here we are one nice day at home playing in E’s room.


I love the way that E loves books. She will just go through a whole pile looking at each page. She looks at the pictures and figures out what is going on. I can’t wait til she can really read!


I think there is a picture of me as a baby doing this too. T is trying to eat this one. I mean it does look like an apple!


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T- 6.5 months old

What a happy smiley guy we have!

IMG_5225 IMG_5203 IMG_5202 IMG_5196

At six and a half months (almost 7 really)….

  • T can roll over both directions
  • I find him on his tummy in his crib now, doing little baby pushups.
  • He is just beginning to eat baby purees. Apple, pear, carrot, banana, apricot. They don’t have things here with single ingredients, but they do have fruit mixes. He still doesn’t really like rice cereal, even just mixed in with the other fruits.
  • He likes to crinkle up and play with pieces of paper.
  • Mommy is his favorite person. Every few minutes, he scans the room for me, craning that little neck around to make sure I am not too far off.
  • That said, he does love all people really. Anyone who gets in his face and talks to him gets rewarded with a big smile.
  • He occasionally squawks but really is pretty quiet most of the time. He rarely cries!
  • He is waking every night a couple of times.
  • He has sweet chubby little knees and chunky little legs. He is still waking to eat at night so much that he ought to be getting chunky!
  • He wears 6 month and 9 month clothes.
  • I love his sweet little fluff of blonde hair.
  • He seems to be keeping his blue eyes.
  • He has no teeth yet.
  • He can find and put his pacifier back in his mouth.
  • His favorite toy is this blue pacifier holder with a tractor on it. It seems just the right size to chew on. He also likes to chew on the ribbon of his other car pacifier holder.
  • He goes to sleep on his own, with pacifier, sound machine, and swaddler with arms out. Sometimes when I lay him down, he protests with a cry for about 1 minute and then goes to sleep. He usually takes two or three good naps a day.
  • He eats baby food two meals a day. He goes to bed about 7 pm with a new diaper, pjs, and getting nursed to sleep.
  • He likes taking baths. He kicks his legs really hard and never cries in the bath. He has taken a couple of baths with big sister.

IMG_5184 IMG_5175 IMG_5146 IMG_5139 IMG_5131 IMG_5123

He is precious and wonderful and we love him so!

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Kaki is our kitty that has visited us periodically over the past two years. She climbs up a tree and onto our balcony. One day a month or so ago, we went outside to find that her kittens had been born and she had carried them up the tree to our balcony! So fun! There were three that we named Goldy, Fluffy, and Herman. Goldy was orange and white and E’s favorite.

IMG_5070 IMG_5088

This is Fluffy, Daddy’s favorite.


And this is Herman.

IMG_5107 IMG_5109 IMG_5113 IMG_5118

We had lots of fun with them. And then one day the mommy decided the babies needed to be downstairs in the grass where they could learn cat things and she moved them down. One day a few weeks after that, she moved one back for a little while and then took him down again. Currently she has brought Herman back. She must get her workout carrying those kitties up and down!

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T at 5 months

Trying rice cereal for the first time at 5 months. Here is the before shot. He is happy.

Here is the after shot. He is not happy. He didn’t care for rice cereal.


A few days later. “Well, looks like she is going to try again!” This time it was avocados. He didn’t like that either. He didn’t like baby food until about 6 months.

IMG_5060 IMG_5043 IMG_5041 IMG_5039

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