T – 10 months (a month ago!)

Okay, I wrote this a month ago and never published it. So I am going to go ahead and publish today and then hope to write an 1 1month update.


IMG_5907 IMG_5909 IMG_5925 IMG_5929 IMG_5946 IMG_5982 IMG_6007
Here is what baby T is up to at around the age of 10 months:

  • T likes to say “ba ba ba ba”…. as his favorite word. I don’t know what it means, but he seems to know what he is trying to say.
  • He is trying really hard to crawl. He does an awesome baby push up and then lunges forward, which seems to hurt a little! He stretches his little arms to get stuff and rolls over to get closer to his intended goal. But not actually crawling yet.IMG_5900
  • His favorite foods are bread of any kind, Chick-fil-a nuggets and fries, turkey lunch meat, cheerios, baby puffs, purple (meaning with blueberry) baby food purees and the banana mango one, and baby mum mums.
  • He doesn’t really take bottles and is just barely beginning to be able to drink out of a zippy cup. However he has liked drinking out of open cups for a month and a half now.
  • T is smiley as ever. If someone talks to him, he rewards them with big smiles.
  • IMG_6044
  • He has two middle bottom teeth and two top ones, although not middle, instead it is middle and right. He chews on his fingers a lot.
  • He has been a GREAT sleeper in this apartment. He is in a closet with the door open and it is so dark in there and cool. He loves it. At night I put him to bed at 7 and I often wake him up at 9 because we have to go somewhere. On those days, he usually just takes one long 3 or occasionally 4 hour nap in the afternoon. If he wakes earlier, he takes a morning and afternoon nap, about 2 hours each.
  • He loves the water, be it a bath or pool. He likes to slap the water with his hands and splash.IMG_5862
  • Mommy is T’s favorite. If he sees me, he wants me. He doesn’t really like being in childcare but if he gets distracted and can’t see me, he is okay.
  • T is so precious and sweet! I love when he falls asleep in my arm at the end of  a day  if he is so tired. He is so soft and content. We love him so!
  • IMG_6053
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Other assorted happenings

We have sure enjoyed catching up with old friends! Everyone’s kids are so much bigger than last time we saw them! I’m sure they all think that about E too!

IMG_5975 IMG_5931

We went and visited Gigi for a few days and E had a blast painting with her!


We also did a home dedication at our church for baby T.


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Chick Fil A Fans

Several years we participated in the Chick Fil A Cow Appreciation Day. But for the past two years, we missed it only because… you know.. we lived in another country! Ha!


This year we sure participated!


T is a fan of the waffle fry!

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Fabulous Fourth

We woke up bright and early and put on our flag shirts to celebrate the Fourth of July actually in the states this year!


We partied with family all day and then headed up to town to see the fireworks show in the evening about 8:30.


We watched from the high school parking lot and the show was pretty good! E’s reaction, “I liked the colors but it was too long and too loud!” T watched the show too and didn’t get scared at all!


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E is 4!

This precious baby is 4 years old!

She is so funny and sweet and we love her so!


She loves: swinging, Tinkerbell, Frozen, all princesses, chicken nuggets, dancing and singing and making up songs, books, painting and projects, her crocs, purple, her brother, Teddy, Paw Patrol, fruit snacks, and sprinkles.

151 IMG_5129 IMG_5109 IMG_5329 20140127-213201.jpg 20140127-213028.jpg enursery1 Happy 4th birthday precious girl!

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Aunts and Uncles and Cousins, Oh My!

We had a blast seeing our extended family at two separate gatherings.

One group met up on the Fourth of July. These girls are six months to the day apart and share the same middle name! So fun to watch them play! This side of the family likes to break out the instruments and do some pickin’!

IMG_5647 IMG_5641

The other side met up on another Saturday in July. We had a house full, but this isn’t even all of us! E had such fun playing with the kiddoes! We had a blast catching up with everyone!

IMG_5736 IMG_5742

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Our first morning home! IMG_5894 We had lots of fun with Nena and Pappaw! IMG_5938 IMG_5906 IMG_5664 IMG_5601 IMG_5550 And of course had a chicken fried steak with some mashed taters, okra, and sweet tea! IMG_5941

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Traveling with our kids

We made it through our 19 hours of travel relatively unscathed. IMG_5882 One of T’s naps IMG_5886 Two kids can fit in one seat!

My tips for travel:

E (3.5 years old) had her own backpack with lots of stuff but actually played with little of it. She enjoyed eating and watching videos and slept for about 3 hours of the long flight and maybe an hour on one of the short ones.

T (8 months old) was always fed during takeoff to help his ears not hurt. He mostly played with toys or ate puffs when awake. He took naps every couple of hours.

I had requested the bulkhead for the long flight where I was supposed to be able to use a bassinet. But somehow it didn’t work out for me to get it. So the flight attendant gave me lots of pillows and I made a big soft nest for him so I wouldn’t have to support his whole weight with my arm! I wore him in the Ergo some and strolled him some. A couple of times when we were in a hurry, I wore him and we pushed E in the stroller so we could go faster. Also the stroller has to fold up and go through the X-ray machine so wearing the baby is easier at that point. It was easiest to sit by the window with him.

I had baby food jars in a plastic bag and the only time they did anything with those was entering the US. I am a fan of zipping bags so that stuff can’t fall out and a cross body baby bag. Gate check your stroller and then you can use it on lay overs. I also had a small bag that I wanted during the flight packed inside our rolling carryon that I could quickly get out before we put the carryon in the overhead bin.

Before I tried to get him to sleep, I would try to have headphones nearby and maybe a bottle of water so I wouldn’t have to move much after he fell asleep. I read some on my kindle app on my phone or watched tv on the plane screen. Mostly I just planned that I wouldn’t get to sleep so I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t!

Overall it was tiring but not horrible.  I am glad that our return trip is two flights instead of three.

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We had a weeklong conference to attend that was at a lovely spot! (Too bad C was sick for most of it! But so thankful that the rest of us did not get sick too!)
IMG_5847E had a blast with friends!IMG_5849I enjoyed seeing my friends too!IMG_5852And we all liked the water!IMG_5867T enjoyed the food and mommy enjoyed not cooking or cleaning! IMG_5860

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Around the neighborhood

E was given a hand me down tricycle that was loved by some of her friends. She took a little ride around the block one evening. Complete with Teddy riding in the basket on the back. Our street is pretty quiet.


(In the above photo, our building is the one that you see in the very top right corner of the photo. It is light green/yellow. It is the one that has the black iron gate in front of it.)

Daddy and T had to stop and wait for a little while (and T had a toe snack)…

While E made good use of her rain boots in a nearby mud puddle!


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