Want the latest scoop around here? Well…I am in the middle of my second grad school class to be able to renew my teaching certificate. C has been working on his new business he started. E started going to a local pre-school three days a week last week. And I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes! Not much to see here, folks!

A few months ago, E visited preschool for a day with a 4 year old friend (who is British) at the school that he has attend for a couple of years and his brother went there before him. This friend knows English obviously and also knows the local language since he has been in school a while. So it was good that he was there to help translate for E who knows almost nothing. She had a fun visit that day. Then a couple of weeks ago, she announced that she wanted to go to his school with him. So we talked/thought/prayed about it and got the requisite health report and 6 passport pictures (??) and enrolled her for the month of March. She will probably also go in April and take May for the grandparent visit and maybe go some this summer, we will see. She loves it so far. She has learned the word for teacher and the word “yapma” which means “don’t!”. I am sure she hears the teacher say that a bunch during the day!

The other big thing, gestational diabetes…. I did my glucose test back in February and one number was over the limit so my doctor diagnosed me and sent me to a dietician. She gave me a sample diet that was more like what locals eat but not really like I eat so I scoured the web and made some alterations and it seems to be going well. Few carbs. Whole wheat bread. Not too much. More meat cheese nuts and veggies. The hardest part was that the most squeamish person in the universe was now required to mess with her own blood three times a day (before, 1 hour after, and 2 hours after one meal a day, different meals each day). At first I couldn’t get enough blood to come out to do the test but I finally figured out a better way after two or three days. But basically I stuck myself a lot the first three days. And cried about that some too. Even tried letting C stick me. Anyway, I had my one week follow up with the dietician and she said things looked good, so I guess I just get to keep doing this for the next 8 weeks. (I am 32 weeks on Friday! Crazy!)


C went to the grocery store yesterday and found me sugar-free “nutella” spread. Yum! I also found some sugar-free strawberry jam the other day. Most of the time you just find jelly here, which is clear red jelly with red small whole strawberries in it, which I do not like. I like a more even consistency. So I think I like this diabetic jam better than the regular stuff.


E and I have been painting our toenails some. The colors I had for myself (which weren’t very many to start with) aren’t really that great for her. I found a new nail polish for E and I. Its name is “girly”. It is light pink with pink and purple glitter in it. She was ecstatic about it. :) Of course she wanted me to glob it on so she got lots of glitter pieces.

(null)While E is at school, it is so fun to watch what T does with his play time by himself. We have a shoe cabinet in the hall that is empty because we have been trying to sell it. (Our apartment has built-ins so we don’t really need more shoe storage.) He took his lego duplos and set up camp in it. Super fun. He likes to get in their and open and close the sliding door and hide.

So there is what is up with us lately. Now I am going to bed! What is up with you?

Who needs money?

Today was T’s first time to ride the toys at the mall. Mostly we never pay money for these, E has always just been happy to sit on them and pretend she is driving. T had lots of fun!





Happy First Birthday to T!

October 10 was T’s first birthday! We had been back in the country for about a week and tried to figure out how to celebrate at a time when none of us were sleeping all that well yet, we were freshly missing family and friends back home,  and Mommy was coming down with a cold.

We started out with breakfast at home!


Then we went to a big baby store in town that has a little play area for kids. We were going to buy T’s presents and let the kids play a bit.

bday1 bday2

Then we headed to lunch at Shake Shack. (Mommy will look for any reason to go here!) But seriously, I figured since T had been eating hamburger meat so well lately, he would enjoy eating an extra hamburger patty from my burger and some fries. (No, we didn’t go to ChickFilA, that is just one of their place mats that I had in my diaper bag.) Turned out he wasn’t interested in the hamburger so mommy got to eat a double, and he just had fries. bday3

Family pic before nap time!

IMG_6480 IMG_6482

After naps, we ordered KFC for dinner. Mommy didn’t want to cook today and T wanted chicken nuggets!


After dinner, we had him open presents and we also talked on the phone with Nena and Pappaw. Big sister helped with the wrapping paper!


He got a little barn with door that opens, a walking toy, and a toy garbage truck.

IMG_6499 IMG_6507

Now for the cake!

I think he is crying because he wants to hurry up and eat it. Or because he has no clothes on. :)


He did like the cake, but he didn’t devour mommy’s homemade cake as much as he did the bakery cake a few weeks prior.

T is a happy smiley sweet huggy little boy and we love him so! Happy 1 year T!

Life Here: Grocery Shopping

Let’s kick off our “Life Here” series with something no mom can avoid….grocery shopping!

Basically we have a few options.

Option 1: Small neighborhood convenience store

These small stores carry just the basics. No fresh meat. Limited produce. We had one within walking distance from our old apartment that we used a lot. Its like the size of your living room . Now there is one near us that is also a liquor store, so we don’t go there much, but maybe if we run of out of Nacho doritos. :) There is another one close, but it is always smokey inside and doesn’t have much so we don’t really go there either.

Option 2: Medium size market

Lots of locals use these and make daily or maybe every other day trips for what they need from small neighborhood market. Good for getting your basics but not giant selection. We like a certain kind of milk. Most milk sold here is the ultra radiated kind that you don’t have to refrigerate until you open it. We think that tastes funny and like what they call “daily” milk that does actually last more than a day. So some of these small markets don’t carry that kind and right now we use a lot of milk. We have one of these within walking distance now that even carries our milk. Score! Ours has a meat counter and good produce out on the front porch. It only has one freezer container so I can’t get any frozen french fries here! I have enjoyed going here because you can get done quickly and get almost everything you want.

Option 3: Large chain supermarket

Often these large chain markets are in malls. This can be handy as you can get lots of things done at once. Also the malls almost all have parking garages so if it is raining or cold you don’t have to brave the weather. These have foreign foods aisles, so you can find M&M’s or taco shells sometimes. Or a $40 jar of Jamie Oliver pasta sauce or a $35 jar of maple syrup from “Vertmont”. The oreos have even made it onto the cookie aisle at one store so I think they are here to stay. Some of these are so big, they are like Super Walmarts, with electronics, home goods, and clothes. I like to go here and make a giant grocery run, but it does take longer especially with the kids.

Option 4: Weekly farmers markets, stand alone bakeries and butcher shops

If you want to make lots of stops, you can go to these. Every week on the same days, in the same spots, big tarps go up and farmers markets are set up. This is the place to find quality produce and good prices. I have unfortunately never lived in good walking distance of one of these, especially if you are taking kids along, so I have not made a habit of frequenting these, although I do like them.

You can also go to butcher shops and bakeries, but I don’t have any right around the corner so don’t usually shop at these.

I guess I should include in these, the guys who walk around with their carts or drive down the streets in their trucks, calling out what they are selling. Every morning a guy walks around with a basket selling hot pastries, kind of like a bagel but with sesame seeds on it. Every afternoon during nap time, a guy drives around with a loud speaker attached to his truck saying “Onions, Potatoes, Tomatoes”. A guy also goes around selling fish. I don’t really think I want to buy fish from a guy pushing it around on a cart all day! But plenty of people do apparently!

That’s all I can think of as it relates to grocery shopping! Any questions?

Life Here Series

You know how people always say they get great ideas in these shower? Well today in the shower I was thinking about blogging about some routine daily things here that might give people a glimpse into daily life for us.

So here are some ideas I came up with to write about:

our house

grocery shopping



going to the doctor

getting mail

paying bills

eating out




parks/things to do for kids


Do you have any other ideas? Things you are curious about?

I will try to write about these from time to time and if you have any other ideas, leave those in the comments!

An actual current post

Well sorry, after I ran out of all my saved up posts of summer pictures that I had prescheduled way out….I stopped posting for a while. I still want to show you pics from T’s first birthday and maybe Thanksgiving and some other events, but I thought I would write a quick note to say hello.

I have been sick for about a week and am finally starting to feel a little better. Last night I went to bed at 12 and took a little while to fall asleep due to the coughing, but not hours. And I think I woke once but wasn’t up too long, and then slept til 7:45! Hopefully a breakthrough! Yippee!

Needless to say, our New Year’s wasn’t very celebratory! I went to bed at 9 but laid there coughing til about 11:45, at which point I contemplated going ahead and getting up to say happy new year to my husband, who was still awake but sleeping in the guest room due to aforementioned coughing, but I was exhausted so I just stayed there and probably fell asleep about the time 2015 was entering our home.

Yesterday for New Year’s Day I really wanted to get out of the house. We picked  some friends and went to the mall for lunch and a little shopping. I found a maternity sweater and some boots that I have wanted for years (the Ugg kind, although not that brand) on a very good sale. It wore us out. The kids took great naps. Then I made black eyed pea casserole and guacamole and we watched the Rose Parade online. Then we watched the Baylor game and we won’t even talk about that…

Today we were just home, but I managed to get a few things done like clean off my desk and clean out the fridge. About 7 pm we were sitting in E’s room while the kids played and got to talking about rearranging it, so we did! We love to do that! I like it a lot. Her room is an interesting shape and has an extra door and the window takes up a big wall space. We will have to change it up a little bit in a few months when T’s crib goes in there.  He will be 19 months when the baby is born so I don’t think he will be ready for the bottom bunk of E’s bed. The crib will just have to be in there a while even though it will take up space, until I think he understands enough to stay in his bed! Or until he tries to climb out, which may happen first, as much as he likes to climb.

T is trying to walk some. He will go from person to person, but he goes so fast that he falls down a lot. He will be walking soon I bet. He gets really excited when he can walk a little bit. Of course, he is a very fast crawler so right now the easiest way for him to get somewhere is just to crawl. Sometimes he tries to crawl holding something big and ends up using one elbow. It is moments like that when I try to tell him that learning to walk will make that easier!

Random Summer Pics

Okay folks, you have made it through all the posts from the summer! This last one is just random funny pictures that I wanted to include but don’t get a whole post to themselves.


We checked out our storage unit one day. Found some treasures. Found some things we wondered why we kept. :)


T started crawling when he was 11 months old. This is the space in front of the townhouse we stayed in.

E discovered she likes jello while we were home this summer. She also likes Luby’s. Like her momma.


Cutie pie in leg warmers!


These two spent lots of quality time in the car together. E likes it better when he is right next to her. Isn’t this sweet of them holding hands?


I ate a ton of these this summer! Yum!


Sweet baby in a swing!

Doctor Visit

IMG_6455 IMG_6452

We snuck in a doctor visit to our old pediatrician while we were in the states. They got lots of shots for their one year and four year old checkups! Thank goodness Nena got to come and help! Suckers and stickers and Fruit Loops help too!

Celebrating Early

Since we were in America close to T’s birthday, he got to celebrate a little early.


Someone is excited. He doesn’t know what it is yet, but it looks good.


Can you tell he thoroughly enjoyed it?

IMG_6445 IMG_6441 We love you baby T. How are you one year old already?

Visiting California

We were so glad to get to go to California for a week to visit family. C’s grandparents live there (the kids only great-grandparents), as well as two aunts and one cousin. IMG_6435

Playing with Cousin Ian.


At lunch with Granddad.


And Nanny.


Playing with Aunt Laurie.IMG_6389

Group shot!

Looking at a calendar with Nanny.


When we visited them last time at their home, E was 16 months old and she liked riding on Nanny’s scooter. This time Granddad had one too but she was a little shy about riding on it. On the last day, she finally did. She was given this costume for her birthday, and she wore it almost the whole week. Of course everyone in their assisted living facility enjoyed seeing the little princess going everywhere.


Checking mail with Nanny.IMG_6360

There are lots of artists on this side of the family. E enjoyed painting with Granddad.

IMG_6365 IMG_6375

Reading with Granddad.

We had a great time visiting family!