Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I have won two things off blogs recently!

The other day I happened to be perusing google reader via my button on my tool bar and happened to read a blog from Rage Against the Minivan (which mab got me interested in) right as she posted it. It was about shutterfly Christmas cards and right at the bottom in small print she said that the first three commenters would get 25 free cards, and I was FIRST!

Then I entered a contest on Simple Mom for a book and I happened to win it too! (Although she spelled my name wrong, but oh well.)

Have you won anything lately?

3 thoughts on “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  1. I won a roll of contact paper at MOPS. The idea was to cut it up into little placemats to take with you to dinners out with the kids. Just sticks on the table… ok, neat idea, but I’m not really a germaphobe, just let them eat off the table, and compared to the other cool gifts there, I kinda wished I would have won something else. 😛

  2. I won a $25 gift card from Our Best Bites one time, and a pair of concert tickets from a radio station when I was in high school. That’s all! I always feel a little bit guilty when I’ve never left a comment on a blog, but I comment to enter a giveaway. But I guess they kind of expect that contests will bring lurkers out of the shadows, don’t you think?

    You need to post a review of the book you won! It looks fun!

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