My baby is two!

I can barely believe I am a mommy of a two year old! Who is right this very minute asleep in a big girl bed!!!

Here’s a rundown of her second birthday!

Yesterday we talked to Nena and Pappaw on skype and they sang her happy birthday. Then after she fell asleep we hung up the family birthday banner so she would wake up to see it today. We had to go in and get her when it was time for her to get up for church but she may have been laying there awake.

We had breakfast together (she had “Mommy cereal” which is basically Special K with strawberries). She got dressed in a pretty new pink dress that was given to her before she was even born by Nanny (her great-grandmother) but that she hasn’t worn yet.

We went to church and she had fun doing puzzles and coloring and playing. Lots of people told her happy birthday. We went by the mall on our way home and had lunch and went to the grocery store where Daddy bought her the Dora magazine that she has been eyeing every time we go in the store! (It is near the entrance and every time we go by she spots it and says “Dora!”) We had to buy a few last minute things for her party and also tape to wrap her present.

We got home and she took some time to read her new magazine.

Then she played a while and then took a nap. While she napped, Mommy made yummy chocolate frosting for her cake! Shortly after she woke up, it came quite a thunderstorm! It rained so hard we had to close all the windows and doors. We stood and watched it a while and she noticed the “river” going down our street. We played some more for the next hour or two until our friends started coming for our party about 5 pm.

We had three families come over, and among them were some twins that are a month older than E, and also a 5 year old, 8 year old, and 10 year old. They had lots of fun playing in E’s room with food and dolls and the stroller and blowing bubbles and playing with the Dora balloons. We ordered pizza from Dominoes for dinner and had fruit salad and veggies with ranch dip! We made sweet tea and had Pepsi, sadly the only thing missing food-wise was some Dr. Pepper! Then we had chocolate cake! E seemed to really like it when everyone sang to her. She didn’t quite know how to blow out the candles so Mommy and Daddy helped her. When she plays pretend cooking, she always says she is cooking pizza and cake, so this was the perfect meal for her!

Then later E opened her presents. Mommy had to help get the wrapping off some of them and she got some kitchen play pots and utensils, a chair to go at her table with a bear on it, some Dora PJ’s, cards and train stickers, and some Dora drawing books. She gasped with joy every time she saw what a present was. Usually when she gets clothes, she wants to put them on right away, and so just like we figured, she wanted to do this with her Dora pj’s. So I put them on for her over her dress. She has some other presents in the mail from her grandparents that we will probably get this week. She also has coming a big present, a play kitchen from IKEA, but it hasn’t been delivered (or put together) yet.

After that she played with her toys and friends a while, and then, of course, a Dora party wouldn’t be complete without watching a couple of Dora episodes. After that her friends went home, and it was time for bed.

About a week ago, we got her toddler bed which I had bought from someone. I brought her toddler bedding over with us in a suitcase so I got it out and put it on the bed to see if it would fit. Well she loved it and kept getting up in it to play in it. We would tell her how it was her big girl bed and when she sleeps in it, she has to sleep in it and stay in it all night. We weren’t quite sure when to do the transition yet because it was clear she wanted to sleep in it, but we just weren’t sure. So tonight we took it in her room and thought we would give it a try. She definitely wanted to get in it! We put the rail on it and her Daddy read her a story and sang a song and rocked a little and then put her in it. We haven’t heard a peep yet so I think she is probably asleep. We will see what happens throughout the night and tomorrow morning. The pack-n-play is still in there too so if need be, we can just stick her over in that. She is probably pretty tired from all that playing so hopefully she will sleep well.

E is such a precious beautiful kind smart girl! We love her so dearly! She says so many words and can do so many things! She is helpful and kind and brave! She has had a great second birthday except for the fact that we do dearly miss spending it with family and friends from home. We are so proud of our sweet toddler!!

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  1. Looks like a super fun party and day! Love it! And I like your blog background. Is it new or am I late to the party? haha.

  2. Wow, can’t believe she’s in her big girl bed. Hope she’s staying put! Wish we could have been there for her birthday!

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