Surprise Time!

Okay, some of you have been waiting for this story! This post is part of a two posts I write about an EPIC adventure we had lately, and I will link up with other friends who will write about other parts of the adventure.

Part 1: Hatching the Plan

Part 2: Getting Ready

Part 3: First Surprise

Saturday September 7th was just going to be a regular day. We were supposed go to someone’s house around lunch, but the people hosting got sick, so it was cancelled. I was going to have to take E to it by myself because C was meeting with a friend at 1 to go “visit” someone. I was glad for him to get the chance to meet some new people, so I was glad he was going. He said he would probably be home for dinner but wasn’t sure.

E and I had lunch and she took a good nap. While she was napping, I got crafty! I had bought some canvases for the baby’s room that I wanted to paint to hang above the baby’s bed, so I decided it would be a good time to do that. I put on an old non-maternity tank top and old shorts and went to town! My project turned out really well. Then I got done and she was still asleep, so I decided it would be a good idea to do a big batch of breakfast burritos for dinner that I could freeze up leftovers to eat later. So I started working on that. All my sewing stuff was spread out all over the table too, since I had been sewing up a little bag for E’s big sister bag earlier that week and making a tablecloth. Needless to say, my house looked a little like a crafting and cooking wreck!

E woke up and I made dinner.. As we were about to eat, it was almost 6 and I was beginning to wonder what was taking C so long to get home and if we should wait for him to eat dinner. I mean it is very culturally appropriate to stay for long visits with people, so I wasn’t too surprised. We have this handy little way of checking sometimes to see if the other is close to being home. Its the app “Find my iPhone”. Since we share the same apple ID, I can look to see where his phone is. Hehehe. We do it all the time. So I checked to see if he was almost here. But it wouldn’t find his phone. Weird. Of course I began to get worried about him. Maybe someone stole his phone. Maybe someone stole him! I texted him and didn’t get any reply for a while. E and I went ahead and ate dinner and prayed for Daddy to get home safe. A bit later I did get a text saying his phone battery was almost dead but he was fine. Whew!

After dinner, we skyped with my parents for a little while. Then C texted that he was almost home and that his friend might run upstairs just to use the bathroom. Well I was glad he said that! I was still in painting clothes and stuff was everywhere! I changed clothes, stuck the dinner dishes in the kitchen and closed the door, and tried to make the table a bit more presentable by moving all the art supplies! Then I hear them open the door so I quickly tell my parents bye on the computer and that I will call them back, close the computer, and get up to go toward the door.

C pops his head in, and then I see a lady behind him. I thought, “Hmm, I didn’t know our friend’s wife was coming too……wait, she doesn’t have blonde hair…….wait, that is Jess! And Leigh Ann! And Kasey! And Brent! Oh my goodness!!!! How are they here????”

Click here to watch the video of them surprising me! {IMG_2904}

You cannot believe my shock and confusion!


Four of our sweet and precious friends had co-conspired with my husband to come and visit and managed to keep it a secret for three months!!!

I think it took me quite some time to figure out that they were actually really here, in person, in my apartment. My worlds were colliding. They live on the other side of the ocean. But now they are currently on this side. Crazy!


We hugged, we cried, they all said Hi to E and tried to see if she remembered their names. C and Brent lugged in like 2000 pieces of luggage and we tried to find somewhere to put them in our tiny apartment. I tried to breathe. Thank goodness I had changed clothes and straightened up a bit!


Then we all sat down and began to tell stories. They told me how the plan unfolded and how their travel had been. I told them about trying to track C’s phone and how I couldn’t find it, and we laughed that C had known I would do that and turned off location services on his phone so I wouldn’t wonder why he was at the airport!!

Of course they were hungry from their nonstop 13 hour flight, so we decided to let them jump right into a cultural food experience…we ordered from online McDonalds delivery for their first meal here! Ha! Yummy milkshakes!


We figured that would be quick and that they just want something “normal” since they were so tired. So we sat around and chatted while we waited for food. I think Jess was the most tired, and almost went to sleep on the couch. Some of them may have called or emailed family to let them know they arrived. E continued to try to get used to everyone and gradually her shyness wore off as she realized she had several friends to play with now, and “they speak English!”


We ate dinner and then they decided to be Santa Claus! But first, they had to sort through all their bags and figure out, #1 where the things were they wanted to give us, and #2 where all of Brent and Leigh Ann’s stuff was, because it was scattered across all the bags! So then began the parade of taking each piece of luggage to our guest room and sorting through things, none of which I was allowed to look at.

Finally they sat us down and gave us a suitcase full of goodies to open!



I believe this expression on my face is telling E that no, she cannot have any of mommy’s powdered donuts. But don’t worry, she was plenty excited about what stuff she got!


We are so thankful to those who contributed to this trip in various ways. Some people sent baby stuff, some people sent random fun stuff, some people contributed to a garage sale they had which they used the money from to buy stuff to bring to us and some other friends. The more I heard about how this plan unfolded and how many people wanted to be a blessing to us and others, I could not believe it!


I think it took me a couple of days to realize that this was really happening and they were here. And the week only got better when another family of friends came to join in all the fun a day or so later! I couldn’t believe they had all managed to keep it a secret. I like being surprised but over the course of being with C, there are several times he has tried to surprise me but I ended up accidentally finding out some of what was going on. This time I was completely and totally surprised. It is so fun to have a good surprise like this!!

There were apparently several times they wanted to tell me (and the other friend they were surprising) about it so we could have the fun of looking forward to it. I liked not knowing in advance because I didn’t have to worry about them or something going wrong or cleaning my house, obviously!

One thing that was really special to me was that, looking back, on days that I was having a hard day, or really missing home, or sad to be far away from friends, the Lord was hearing my prayers and was in the process of answering them in a way that was far beyond what I would imagine. I just wouldn’t know about his answer to that prayer for a while. Isn’t that just like Him? We pray things, and want an answer immediately. But it takes time. He is working while we wait.

What a wonderful surprise! See how the fun continued…

Part 4: The trip of a lifetime

Part 5: Another SurpriseĀ 

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4 Responses to Surprise Time!

  1. Lydia says:

    This post makes me cry! I love that your friends did this for you!! What a blessing, and from SO many people working together! Y’all are such a special family, and I’m glad other people know that, too. :)

  2. C says:

    Actually it was closer to 4 months! We should do this every year. Who wants to surprise us next year???

  3. Maurine Richter says:

    Love love love your story. It made me cry to think about friends doing that for another friend! You are one blessed woman!

  4. Jess Conn says:

    This is so neat!!!! How fun and exciting!!!! :)

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