Our new baby is here!

Our new baby brother has arrived! T arrived on Thursday October 10 at 3:54 am. He weighed 8 lbs 12 oz and was 20.5 inches long.


Here is our first pic with him! He was just a couple of minutes old!IMG_3947

Here he is after they brought him to our room.

He is one bundled up little baby! He had on a onesie, socks, mittens, pjs over that, a hat, and a blanket! They like to keep their babies warm here!IMG_3960

Here is a very proud big sister meeting him. She just giggled and giggled when she saw him. Love!IMG_3965

Here is our first picture of all four of us! She was too busy looking her her precious little baby to smile for the camera!


Here is the proud Nena! (My mom)


Here is the proud pappaw! (My dad)
IMG_4016 Here is E opening her “big sister bag” gift that was “from” baby brother. Every thing she pulled out, she would gasp and exclaim, “Its just what I have always wanted!” So sweet!


And here is my doctor!

It has taken me two and a half weeks after his birth to write this post, so no promises on when I will write another one! But we do have lots of pictures and hopefully I will get some more up before he goes off to college! Ha!

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  1. Abby says:

    Love these pictures! :) Can’t wait to meet this guy!! :) And love his SO proud big sister – precious! :)

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