Maternity/Family Pictures

To back up a bit…

I kept thinking baby T was coming early so the last week before I was due, on my last free afternoon before my due date, I had a friend take some maternity/family pictures of us. Of course it turned out that I had plenty of time! I was so glad she could do this and we got some really good ones. We went to a nearby forest-y area since I like outdoor pictures best. It was a little warm and I sure got tired walking around but I am glad we did. Here are some of my favs.

IMG_3910 IMG_3931 IMG_3950 IMG_3958 IMG_4021 IMG_4096 IMG_4184 IMG_4228 IMG_4266 IMG_4297 IMG_4453 IMG_4480

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2 Responses to Maternity/Family Pictures

  1. Jess Ray says:

    Oh these are so beautiful!! Love them!!

  2. Leigh ann says:

    Love love love these photos!!! So so glad you were able to get these done! Such treasures!

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