600th Post!

This little guy says thanks for reading mommy’s blog for 600 posts!




Today he had his one month checkup. He is getting big! He weighs 4860 grams which is a little over 10 lbs! He has gained over a pound this month! I knew some of his clothes weren’t fitting anymore. He had one shot, and got a hip ultrasound. (They do that here for all new borns to check for hip displasia. I think in the states the doctor just does a check for it at appointments.)

C is running in a 10K this weekend. It crosses the bridge from Asia to Europe and is the only marathon/race in the world where you run from one continent to the other!

We traveled over to the other side of the city last week to apply for baby T’s passport at the US Consulate. Afterwards, we went to a mall that is nearby the consulate that has a Bath and Body Works and this great restaurant called Shake Shack. Oh. My. Goodness. Burger, cheese fries, strawberry lemonade, and a peanut butter milk shake. It was SO GOOD! I really want to eat that again but it is so far away! Several Americans we know had gone there and we heard it was good, but apparently locals really like it too because it was so crowded at lunch time. We are still waiting to get the passport delivered. The guy who worked at the Consulate who took our paperwork had lived and taught in Houston. Small world!

Last weekend I went on a two day ladies retreat. It was really nice. It was wonderful to see my good friend who lives in another city and to meet some new friends. I took baby T and Daddy and E had fun at home. Lots of the ladies were glad to help out by holding a sweet sleeping baby so my arms got a break.

That is some of what has been going on around here. What has been happening in your neck of the woods?

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One Response to 600th Post!

  1. Nena says:

    sweet pictures!!!!! i like all the side bar pics too !!!!
    i can tell he is growing.
    papaw said something about his hair is long enough to comb now. :)

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